I have a new idea I wanna try. Can we have pub meetings here at wp?

We meet in the comments field and talk, just like we always do. I just like the thought of being at a friendly wp pub at that time. We have to use our imagination of course.

If you want to talk about something, please feel free to do so. My subject suggestion is just a suggestion.

Today I wonder how to handle idiots. I know I should avoid them, but is there anyway you can cure them or get them to be not idiots?

We have too many of them right now in authority places and they make a mess we don’t want. 

This is a stupid idea of me, opening a pub meeting when I soon will be asleep for an early start tomorrow. But we’ll try this anyway, you can talk to each other when I’m not around 🙂

And Thumbup is back! That’s great news 👍