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Sunday Pub at wp – subject idiots

I have a new idea I wanna try. Can we have pub meetings here at wp?

We meet in the comments field and talk, just like we always do. I just like the thought of being at a friendly wp pub at that time. We have to use our imagination of course.

If you want to talk about something, please feel free to do so. My subject suggestion is just a suggestion.

Today I wonder how to handle idiots. I know I should avoid them, but is there anyway you can cure them or get them to be not idiots?

We have too many of them right now in authority places and they make a mess we don’t want. 

This is a stupid idea of me, opening a pub meeting when I soon will be asleep for an early start tomorrow. But we’ll try this anyway, you can talk to each other when I’m not around 🙂

And Thumbup is back! That’s great news 👍


104 thoughts on “Sunday Pub at wp – subject idiots”

        1. Oh good grief…it is NOT you it is me. When You said sure but you might step on some toes; I thought you were referring to calling your drink a Cuba Libre. Me bad. So lets dance; dancing to this tune will be an exercise in solo dancing while facing friends. Maybe I won’t slow dance with you but I’m so bad at that too, I’d probably already be on your toes so you couldn’t possibly step on mine……sigh…..see smart people can be stupid. giggle ~~dru~~

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  1. My daughter has a shirt that says, “I am allergic to stupid.” I think you need to develop an allergy to stupid and it must be avoided at all costs too.

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  2. What a wonderful idea! Stupid people. I just wounder – persons who had have high positions in Sweden, like prime minister and retired from that. They got money from us all, taxes we pay. And they earned a lot of money in their companies, Why should they then be payed from taxes? Many of us who are sick and not can work just payed a little from our society that half of what we got or even more we must pay our rent (is that the right word for what we payed for living?) and than just a few SEK left to pay food and bills for! I just don’t understand why? Do you?

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    1. No I don’t. That’s stupid. You should get more and they less. They will have enough anyway even if you get more. They are able to work and get new money.

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      1. If I just get a few percents of what they have, it should be enough for me. 10 or 20 percent it is a lot pf money for me! And you said it, Anna, they could work and earned money. I couldn’t! And please, I think I have the same that Chris Jensen ordered. 😉

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    1. Bottoms Up! I have been to a virtual wake, where we virtually drank and I’ve also been to one or two virtual bars too but I love the idea that of doing in on a consistent basis; like every Sunday going thru the following week.
      My order my dear is for gin straight with a lemon peel and prepared like a martini. I don’t like vermouth, vodka and/or flavored martinis and I hate vermouth….it tastes like old people. Ooops, I’m an old people so I guess it taste likes me and I don’t like the way I taste.

      As to our opening subject; I agree with swo8, it is hard to avoid idiots and for sure you can’t cure stupidity or non-clinical idiocy. Uneducated can be cured with education and the educated can still be idiots. It is a personality trait….note I didn’t say behavioral problem. All are occasionally idiotic, you know since I’m already really drunk and am getting virtually drunk I’m going to be an idiot before this discourse is over.

      But people that are terminal idiots can only cure themselves and then only if they recognize their behavior and WANT to change. So to answer the rest of your question; just walk away. You can’t avoid them, you can’t cure them, and you can’t “handle” them… just walk away Rene…..

      And now I’m virtually dancing….just as if no one was watching. ~~dru~~

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      1. Barkeep, oooo Barkeep; I’ve been dancing that Gin Up off so please bring me another. Thanx, I’m putting another nickel in the nickelodeon, I want a slow dance, anyone want to huddle up? ~~dru~~

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    2. Rarely go to bars…April what is wrong with you? One of the best places to dance is at bars. I can’t see why we can’t virtually dance at this virtually, so I’m going to put on some Stones….would you care to join me?

      Wow that was fun, I think I lost at least two pounds.


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            1. Det värsta med att vara borta några dagar ifrån WP är att man plötsligt har massor med kommentarer och att man börjar uppifrån först….alltså de senaste först…ja du fattar…
              om jag verkar något virrig…mer än vanligt…..ja det är inte KNÄCKEBRÖDs läge, men förvirrat i störta allmänhet! 😉

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            2. Känner igen det där. Man går på något slags maxläge utan möjlighet att varva ned när man behöver det. För många tankar att hålla i huvudet samtidigt utan möjlighet att sortera dem.


        1. I’ll bring the bottle to the table, Anna has been very busy she said something about real life and left. I don’t know how long ago and if she is coming back tonight. Remember I’m the barkeep and host but just for a small time. It is night for me, what is it for you? ~~dru~~

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            1. I hope to be back soon. Just doing a short appearance now. Time chasing me 🙂 I’ll be back!


            1. Your Welcome. I’ve had extensive experience in bars….drinking and dancing of course; not behind the bar. However I did take a bar tending course in my early 20s. I didn’t follow up and try to get a job tending because I decided I’d drink up all my wage and tips after my shift. So I was more than glad to “help” out. I had been the only one in the bar until inte fan gör det det came in and I wanted company….so I took on the job.

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          I’ve been told that Stupid people talk a lot; I guess that makes me stupid and you smart. I’m going back behind the bar and have a small brandy before I go home again. Don’t forget to put the gin bottle back behind the bar when your through with it. The tonic is in the small fridge if you want more of that too.

          It was good to “see” you at the bar tonight. I’m sure Anna will be back soon. Good bye for this evening and take any sandwiches that you don’t eat home with you as no one else seems to be here. ~~dru~~

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        3. Well Danger, I’m going to call you that because “no one gets out of here alive?” At least that is the interpretation of your blog name I think. We don’t actually seem to be meeting irl, so I’ll just time my message and you time your next one and maybe we can jive. I am dru and I live in Sunny Southern CA in USA. The time of this message it is exactly 11:39 AM but it has taken me 5 minutes to write this comment so now it is 11:44 AM.

          As for dinner, I’m not sure in my mind they have snacks, small sandwiches and maybe a some cheese and sausage but I seen another room of the far end of the bar which might be an actual bistro cafe or maybe just a dance floor. I’ve been dancing with chris and April just over there in that space by the window that could hold at least three tables. Maybe if we arrive at this virtual bar at the same time in real time we can explore.

          If you see Anna say hello from me…….~~dru~~

          I’ll check back but my “shift” is around 2 AM my time and at anytime I see a comment from the bar.

          I also thank you Anna for a great exeperience here at the bar. ~~dru~~

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          1. Dru- jeeze, I’ve been away from the bar for a couple of Days ( seems as the owners been away as well! )
            But I’ll be back again tonight for dinner so, if I can buy you breafast- I guess that will be your time- please stop by!
            I’m the big woman in the corner with that sunflower in my hair! You cant miss me! 😉
            See you tonight!

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            1. Hi:

              /a or Danger as I like to call you; I’d like to start another conversation block for you and me because I can’t find the “reply” button on your last comment. The one with the big hat. I’m looking around and I haven’t found you yet….but this pub seems to be getting bigger. Are you here but in the loo or the dinning room?

              I’ll keep looking…..if you spot ME; I’m the old lady that likes to wear has but doesn’t have one on tonight or as it is just 1am (my time) I mean this morning. Yes I’d love breakfast, I think the dinning rooms serves ’round the clock, to accommodate us all; so you should be able to get a 5-course dinner or a light late supper too.

              I’m going to go look for you now, as soon as I order my drink….oh Barkeep, I’d like a gin & orange please. aside: It goes so well with eggs & bacon. ~~dru~~

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  3. I guess I’m Late to the party!Carrot rum please!mummy say’s you can’t teach Stupid, people are just born with it in their make up.So much easier being a bunny,we just have human slaves to cater to all our needs and we reward them with snuggles 🙂 xx Speedy

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    1. It’s never too late to come to this pub. It’s open around the clock.
      You’re right about idiots. Have a great time here! It’s a rabbits pub as much as a people pub 🙂

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  4. Thanks to all of you for making this pub so lovely. I will be back soon and answer your comments. I’ve got som I.R.L things to do first though. Please continue the dancing, drinking and talking!

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  5. I feel a little bit drunk. Maybe I shouldn’t have take the last glass of rum and cola 😉 My head is a just feel like someone had use it as a sand-sack! Please, can someone help me to a taxi? Thank You all for a good evening, day and evening. Next time I think I don’t stay for so long! Did I really sleep on the sofa in Your pub, Anna?

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