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News article about Save Trosa nature

At and the fb page you  can read a news article about Save Trosa nature movement and their petition. If you like it, please give the fb page a like as showing your support for saving Trosa nature.

You can also read more about the movement on Save Trosa nature fb page and give that one a like too, if you support Save Trosa nature movement.

Swedish article at

Here’s what the Swedish article at says:

“At Harvest Market on Sunday the network “Developing Trosa without a new big road/Save Trosa nature” collected signatures to stop the road project. The involvement in the issue will continue at the political level. An interpellation to Daniel Portnoff, Mayor, left for a few days out of the Green Party and the Left. The request re-examination, referring to the Swedish Transport Administration’s financial information, which was provided at a consultative meeting on August 23.
We met Karl-Axel Reimer, who collected signatures in the market, and asked him to describe the current situation.

– It is the political leadership that has initiated plans for the new big road. The municipality intends to pay 60% of the cost of the road. They say the development of residential areas to finance the municipality’s part. So we can expect large residential areas west of the Trosa, and probably far down on Tureholm peninsula if the new road becomes reality. Greatly increased traffic flow and more noise in the landscape around Tureholm, as well as in the countryside between Trosa and Vagnhärad (Hunga hiking area) and Trosa river valley. Traffic volumes on Åda road will increase, which we already have about 8,000 vehicles per day. Road area for passing the associated pathways take a 20-30 m wide road area, as explained Transport Administration investigators. The new big road is a project that would lead to increased traffic and negative effects on the climate. The new rkad in itself would not lead to reduced traffic on Smäckbro road because of all the new buildings that would be west of Trosa.

What happened at the Swedish Transport Administration’s consultation meeting on August 23?

– The manager told me that the road will be more expensive than expected. Among other things, depending on the difficulty geotechnically constructing the road over Trosa river valley. Two alternative calculations presented.
1. Mountain intersection: approximately between 130 and 150 million SEK (13-16 million €,11-13 million £,15-18 million $)
2. With the subway: approximately between 140 and 170 million SEK (15-18 million €,12-15 million £,16-20 million $)

There were many critical voices to building the new road at the meeting. Unfortunately there was no political representatives of the municipality who could answer the questions. Among other things, the question was asked how an investment in a new road and more traffic is consistent with the climate treaty of Paris signed by the nations of the world for just under a year ago. And a question of how the traffic load on Åda road, road 218 between Vagnharad and Trosa, will be. The road is already heavily congested. Noise investigation is not made. But it is obvious that the natural and recreational areas will be noice affected; in Trosa river valley, Hunga forest and landscapes of Tureholm.

How’s the petition?

– We have received lists with about 300 names in the current situation. In addition, we know that collected signatures in different places. Just on the autumn market, we received 70 signatures. In the current situation it is more than 240 people who support the petition by following the Facebook page “Develop Trosa without a new road” many of these have not yet sent in their signatures. At the Transport Administration’s consultation meeting on August 23 for passing, we submitted 59 signatures to the municipality.

When we collected signatures at the market, it was obvious how bad it is known among the people as to why the road would be built. More information called for by many. Therefore, it is alarming that the process tries to run so strongly from the municipality. Residents should be well aware of what happens when such a large social expansion is planned that at least 700 new homes west of Trosa. It’s like constructing more than two Västerljung villages. Also proposes The Swedish Transport Administration’s themselves in a new report on measures to reduce the transport sector’s emissions of greenhouse gases that should be restrictive with major investments in road infrastructure for increased capacity. The new road would go directly counter to the proposal!

The Swedish Transport Administration’s website provides information on the project and the opportunity to comment until the beginning of 2017.

At the meeting on August 23 stated September 6 as the deadline for comments. We contacted the manager Leni Maot the Swedish Transport Administration and asked what to do. She answered:

– Right now we want to know which option (rock cutting or tunnel) local residents prefer before the 6th of September, so that we can inform decision-makers about it.

Trosa and Traffic Authority (decision-makers in the question) will in turn decide which option we should continue working on in late September / early October.

The consultation process under the Roadmap in itself is continuous and that means you get to think about the project at any time until the formal investigation begins at the earliest (spring 2017). The earlier you come with their comments, the easier it is for us to correct the proposal.”

Swedish text: Mai Ottoson at

It is time for all of us to take better care of our nature and become planet attendants.

But we haven’t get that in Trosa yet. I’m sorry that we do not take enough part in the save the climate challenge.


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