We have passed the magic 1200 followers mark for this blog. It’s all your doings. When you read my posts, like them and leave comments, you also leave traces that other readers find and sometimes that leads them to my blog. So thanks a million for making this blog growing by about a hundred followers per month.

How’s this possible without participating in any other social media? Well, hard work and very much interacting with all of you. Blogging is not just about writing posts, it is also very much about visiting other blogs for reading, liking and leave comments there.

What’s the thing about meet & greet? Jason at HarshReaLiTy started this idea I think.

In the comments field to this post you can tell the readers about your blog or any other blog you like to tell us about. Leave a link to that blog and you may find some new readers that click that link. You can also find new blogs to read that way by reading the comments and click the links the other commenters leave.

I found many blogs through meet&greets in the beginning and some of them found my blog as well.

Happy blogging to you all!