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Trazan och Banarne

Jim wrote about building a tree house for the gummies or was it to himself, he wasn’t sure.

I want to build a tree house one day. For my self and I want it to look like this. Check out the video.

It’s from the 1980’s kids show Trazan and Banarne in Sweden. No it’s not wrong spelling on Trazan. Trasan in Swedish means cloth, so they have played with Tarzan and Trasan and made it to Trazan.
Banarne is a combination of banana and Arne, I think.

This show was one of the most popular kid shows even among grown ups that wished to be kids again. Music, humor, nature and very much time spent in the the tree house. We all wished we had a tree house like that, but we never got one.

I think you maybe recognize the song. It’s from the Djungle Book I think. But this version is in Swedish 🙂

At STF Trosa/Lagnö Studio you can actually stay in a tree house instead of an ordinary room. Check this out:

By the way,

Did you have a tree house or have you a tree house?


12 thoughts on “Trazan och Banarne”

  1. No, I didn’t have a tree house. But my friends and I had a whole farm to play on and a big wood too 🙂

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