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Sunday wp pub – subject friends

So here we are again, at Sunday wp pub. The first opening was a success I tell ya!

So many talks and so many friends stopping by. I relly appreciate you all coming.

Now it’s time again and this time I will also be away for a while, hopefully not for long. It’s bedtime around my latitudes right now, so I will be here tomorrow.

But feel free to have anything that you want in the bar. Be nice to each other, as you always are.

Pub is open around the clock everyday!

You can talk about what you want, but I chosed the friends theme this Sunday. What does friends means to you?


14 thoughts on “Sunday wp pub – subject friends”

  1. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    I’ll be popping in and out this Sunday and probably for the rest of the week. I’m in US and my time right now is 2:34 pm, so most of you will not be IRTime with me but we can still communicate.

    So to that point; I’m putting a nickle in the Nickelodeon and dancing with myself if no one else is available….~~dru~~

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  2. I think I stop here for a while! Can I get an Irish Coffie, plz?
    Friendship – friends. I think that good friends IRL or in cyberspace is important for my health. When I hav a friend to talk whit I don’t think of my illness. I forget my chronic pain and all other symptoms that bather me. Instead I think of good things and that makes me feel much better. Thank You all for being good friends ❤
    And then I will share some of my favourit song:


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