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Sunday wp pub – subject Home

Welcome to my p pub. It’s open around the clock and not just Sundays, so feel free to stop by whenever your around this block.

This time I think about Home. What is home to you? Is it a place, a feeling, a family, friends or something else you feel like Home with?

I haven’t figure that out for myself yet. When I’m close to Baltic sea I have a home feeling. But home is also family and friends wherever I am with them. When I draw or paint I also feel like I really belong there. It’s a home too. So what is home really?

Feel free to order what you want from the bar and put on your favourite music. You can do all this by entering the comments section. If you want to play music you paste a full youtube link (not a short link) in the comment and the video will appear in the comment.

Have a lovely time! I will be here now and then. I’m still up today, but it will be early bedtime for me. Early work start tomorrow. 


21 thoughts on “Sunday wp pub – subject Home”

  1. It’s that comfortable feeling
    a safe heaven
    Where you can let all
    Your inhibitions
    And just be in the moment
    Of now
    See you on the other side of creativity
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  2. I’m sat in the corner by a window, reading a book, drinking tea. Night has fell and a storm is raging-wind and rain rattling the the window pane.

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  3. HI Anna: I haven’t had a chance to “talk” to everyone yet but I’m coming back this weekend and catch up. Been a very long time since Sunday but I’m getting back in the groove. I’ll have a soda water to contemplate, will listen to some music and come back tomorrow…which for me will be Saturday and maybe dance some.

    I’ll definitely have dinner in the Cafe’ (my time on Saturday…right now it is 12:15 pm Friday, my time. So see you all then. ~~dru~~

    Actually I may have a little dance by myself right now, namaste.

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