Have I been visiting you?

To interact with blogger means travelling around the world. Can you believe my blog has visitors from 99 countries? It is actually true.

In real life I can count my international experiences to a handful of countries, but in the blogworld I now can count to 99 countries. That’s amazing!

Just look at this stats

This is the views per country this year so far. Is your flag in the list?

I wonder if I have visit your blog and then left a Swedish flag in your stats.

I try to visit the blogs that leave likes and comments at my blog. I visit other blogs too.

It so nice to read about life in other parts of the world than my own. I always learn new things from you all. Thanks!

It’s like sailing around the world and meet new people in every dock of the bay!



35 comments on “Have I been visiting you?

  1. I love this. Congrats on the 99! It’s always amazing to see how far our creativity travels. We’re doing a lot more than we think. Blogging is awesome in that respect because like you said, we’re like world travelers when we explore each other’s blogs. Great observation and reminder of our potential outreach. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Wow! That’s what you call around the world in 60 seconds. Surely one’s writings or art can travel faster than a jetplane. The wonders of technology and blogging. Thanks for sharing this.

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  3. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. I looked at my stats recently and I’m surprised that I’ve got one or two Russian visitors. You’re my first Swede so I’m pleased 🙂 Your blog looked very quirky and interesting so I thought I’d follow you.

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  4. I’m so impressed I just googled Trosa to see what kind of an environment inspired you to such delightful creativity! Your art does all the talking, though I wish I had Swedish to catch all your extra explanations. Following you straightaway 🙂

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  5. I, too, like to read blogs from other parts of the world. That goes for close places I never go also. We learn so much about the rest of the world and humanity by reading blogs. People like I never meet. Ideas that are new to me. Things to think about. Beautiful art, photos, and poetry to read. It’s a wonderful world out there!

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