Pojken min/My son

A friend of mine has written a book. I’ve read it with joy and also with sorrow.

With joy because my friend has written a good and important book. With sorrow because of the destiny for the head character woman Olga.

The story is partly true and partly fiction, but it doesn’t matter which is which. The story takes place when Greta Garbo get world famous.

It’s a story about a young woman marrying one of those hopeless narcissists.

She’s an artist in her soul and starts to make beautiful hats. But when she’s married she moves to a place with no hope of creative work. She get stuck at home with her beloved son, the only light in her life. The husband constantly promising a better life soon, year after year, but he does nothing to make it happen. He drinks too much instead and pay no attention at all to his wife.

This life situation drives the woman literary mad and she end up in a mental hospital. No one understands what she needs there either, but after a while some people do and the light is starting to come back in her life.

I won’t tell you the rest. Some of you might want to read for your selves. It’s only printed in Swedish for now and you can find it at Trosa bokhandel, Trosa bookstore.

The author is Margareta Arnedotter Jansson.

When I read the book it took me about two seconds to recognize the becoming husband in the book as a narc. I kind of knew what was gonna happen.

A high sensitive artist soul can never live and breathe with narcs around without going under. But somehow narcs can spot this high sensitive persons miles away and trick them into falling in love with them.

But only once. If you see through a narc, you will see through them all. And you will forever avoid them. That’s something good after all.

If you happen to find the book my friend has written, I recommend a read.


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