The 1300 followers milestone are now behind us. Can you believe it? We are 1334 following this blog, plus some emailfollowers.

So, I keep holding meet & greet for every 100 milestone we reach.

You leave your link to your blog in the comments and tell us what your blogs about if you want. When you do that you can also read the other comments and find new blogs to visit. There’s a big chance that the bloggers you visit then find your blog if you leave likes, comments or even follow the blogs. That’s how you get your meet & greet participation to be successful.

How did I get over 1300 followers? I haven’t a clue more than when I started to interact with other bloggers then my blog got more visitors and followers. Of course I have to make new posts often to keep the view numbers up. Of course I have to stay interactive in the blog community to keep my stats up and gain new followers. And yes, I have to make post with an interesting content if I want you to keep coming back for reading new posts.

But it is really all your doing making this blog a 1300-follower blog. Your interaction make this blogplace a nice place to be, so thank you all!

One big step for my blog to be visible for many people was to change language in the settings for the blog. I found out when I set the language to Swedish my blog only got visible among Swedish wp blogs in the reader in the wp app.

My reader in wp app didn’t show anything else but Swedish blogs either. So there I was. Shutout from the big wp community. I only saw blogs in other languages if I found the blogs myself and followed them. Swedish is a tiny country when it comes to blogspheres, so I didn’t find much to read or interact with.

Jason our blog ninja man thought it had something to do with restricted area codes. Don’t ask me what that means, but…

When I set the language to English in my settings the new big blog world opened up. Then I met all of you and I could see blogs from all over the world in my app reader. You found me too!

So if you happens to live in a country with restricted area codes that makes your wp app reader only show blogs in your own language, change the settings to English and a new big world will open up for you.

You can still write in which language you want in your post, but your blog is much more visible than just in your own country.

Happy blogging and don’t forget to leave your bloglink in the comments or just say hi if you want 🙂