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Paint on old CD

I saw Buddha9s post:
and thought that was a great idea to try in my own way.

This is the result so far.

The first one is Solberga i Vagnhärad

Solberga is Swedish and means sunny hill. Vagnhärad is the nearest city to Trosa.

The second one is Långhagen i Vagnhärad (där föddes min gammelmormor/my great grandmother was born there long time ago)

Långhagen is Swedish for Long field.

The third one is Alby bro och Björkhem i Vagnhärad (där delar av min släkt bodde under 1900-talet/part of my family lived in those places in the 1900 century).

För er som känner till Hedebyborna så minns ni kanske lanthandlarn och hans son. I verkligheten var det Alby handel, som släktingar till mig drev 🙂

Check out Thumbups post and start paint on old CD you too. It’s fun!


31 thoughts on “Paint on old CD”

  1. I loved your re-used cds 🙂 After reading Thumb-up’s post I prepared an old cd right away. But that’s how far I’ve got. Not a single drop of paint on it so far *sigh*

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    1. It took me long time to get there too, but then I decided to just start. It was a great feeling, to get to the painting moment 🙂


  2. I would drill a hole on the bottom of the top one, a hole on the top and on the bottom of the middle one, and a hole on the top of the bottom one. then I would tie them together with some fish line and hang them in a window. I think they would make a good sun catcher.

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    1. You are right. One of them have a hole and a fish line, the other two is freshly painted so they will get the same as the first one. But thanks for the idea hanging them together. I didn’t thought of that, but no I will try that! “Pling”

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    1. Yes you should! It’s fun. A bit tricky to get the color of the cd, but with maskeringstejp går det bra om man får ett hål i färglagret. Då släpper stora sjok sen. Jag försökte med brun packtejp, det gick inte bra. Klistret fastnade på skivan även om färglagret försvann? Jag har använt vanlig hobbyfärg, akrylfärg. Jag får måla fler lager innan det fäster ordentligt.

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