I wrote this to wp support. Sorry for the wrong spelled know.

I’m not great in writing English but I thought I was pretty clear about the app crashes for every post I publish. Or?

Also look at the time I sent the message. Then look at the time I got the first answer.

Exactly. How is it possible to answer a message that arrives the same minute as they send the answer.

And what answer did I get? This

I DON’T HAVE A SELF HOSTED SITE! And I don’t have inlog problems. I have crash problems when I publish my posts!


Then I get this message too at the same time

Should I wait for an answer? They say there will be delays. But the weird first answer I got, what was that?

It should be fun and easy to blog. Now it’s all a mess instead. I want to reach out to everyone of you, visit your blogs and make posts on my blog. But everytime I try that something take ages to do or crash.

I will keep trying though. I miss you all 🙂