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#inktober 2016 #12 A cry out in universe

As you can see I’m still behind inktober schedule, but I want to draw every prompt and no 12 is Worried, so this is my take on it

For how long can we wait for that ambulance to arrive? I don’t think we can wait at all. I think we have to start now and be that ambulance, all of us.

There is no excuses left anymore.


13 thoughts on “#inktober 2016 #12 A cry out in universe”

  1. That’s right, Anna. There is a thing called the “bystander effect”. If a lot of people witness a bad thing happening, everyone usually freezes, waiting for ” someone else” to do something. Nothing gets done, and the bad thing gets worse. All of us have to act now in this moment, and every moment after. Love your powerful drawing and wise words.

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  2. I’m afraid to say how little given given to this subject
    It’s very sad and alarming
    I just heard the prediction for the winter
    Weather and it’s all screwy
    As always Sheldon

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