Check out one of my wp friends new blog.

She writes beautiful Swedish poems, mostly about how hard life can be as young and no one understands you. You probably remember times like that from your youth or maybe you are in such state your self right now.

In both situations you will recognise her words as your own thoughts. Some people are amazing at writing words about exactly how it is. She has an extraordinary talent for this, I think.

Even if you don’t understand Swedish I think you can translate her words to your language.

I hope this young girl one day find a happy spot to make a writing living at and that we all then can say, hey we knew and supported this talented author from the start and now she’s a writer that everybody reads around the world 🙂

Pay her blog a visit and give her a like if you like what you read.

And with a blogname like that and the age I have, of course there’s only one song that fit this post ending. I never get tired of this song.