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Are you a (hu)man or a mouse?

You probably heard the expression are you a man or a mouse thousands of times. We have it in Swedish too. “Är du en man eller en mus?” 

Just a quick comment to my Swedish reader before I continue: 

Ursäkta att texten är på engelska, men bloggen har över tusen utländska följare som under tre års tid har följt Trosas småstadsliv genom mina texter och bilder. De bryr sig om vår lilla plats på jorden. Att rädda natur är också en internationell fråga och inte bara något som angår vår lilla ankdamm. Hoppas ni stannar kvar och läser resten, trots avsaknaden av svensk text.

The traditional interpretation of that expression is probably some old ancient matcho bla bla bla. But in these days when we all need to learn to be planet attendants we should change the meaning of that challenge.

Are you a (hu)man or a mouse? It’s kind of rude to mouses to call little tiny men that doesn’t care for nature mouses, but you get the idea I think. Sorry all real nature mouses!

The new matcho is to save nature. Can you agree with me on that one?

Like this

In my town Trosa in Sweden we fight for saving nature with all powers we can find. 

Our politicians are a big step behind present time. They still don’t know about Paris agreement. I don’t think they’ve heard about planet attendants or that nature has started to send us bills for our pollution activities. They don’t seems to have ears to listen with or brains to think with. They’re just hungry for the next piece of cheese the big landowner in Trosa put out as a  bait.

In Swedish this drawing is really funny when it comes to the bait. We have a cheese called “hushållsost” household cheese. The bait in reality are house building projects in Trosa nature. We don’t need thousands of new houses, we need to save nature!

You probably have the same issues where you live. The human mouses are everywhere. So, are you a human that wants to save nature or a mouse that wants to eat baits from ugly fishes all day?

If you want to support Save Trosa nature you can visit this fb-page


If you want to sign our list for saving Trosa nature you can use this form and send it by post or email. Everyone can sign. We care for our nature so that both visitors and citizens can enjoy our beautiful nature in the future too.

I wish you good luck with your saving nature projects if you have such projects. We can all make a difference in the right direction if we have the courage to be the new matcho human planet attendants 🙂

If you want to share this, you are welcome to do so. Sharing is caring as Danny always says.


8 thoughts on “Are you a (hu)man or a mouse?”

  1. I love the picture. Everyone wants their own little slice of the planet for their very own. Few want to live in little boxes stacked on top of each other. I’m on your side, but it is a tough sell.

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    1. We can build houses and save nature, but our politicians thinks nature is something we don’t need, so they just build houses without even thinking of trying to save nature.

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