Jim took a tree walk in his neighborhood recently, so I thought I could take a tree walk too, but in my neighborhood.

Trosa river downstreams, behind the corner the Trosa harbor begins.

Trosa Villabron (housebridge) and the Villagatan alley (housestreet)

Trosa river upstreams. Behind the corner begins Trosa square. The big house on the left is Brogården (Bridgehouse).

Hi yellow leave tree 🙂

Hello yellw leaf road 😉

One of the small parks in the old parts of Trosa. Outside the picture there’s a building that used to be Trosa hospital, in Swedish they called it the sickhouse. Now the building stores our politicians. Some say the sickhouse never closed and that the politicians therefore are in the right place, hehe.

How does a treewalk in your neighborhood looks like? If you feel like doing a tree walk and tell us about it on your blog, share your link to your post in the comments.