Darkness falls across the land

November in Sweden means dark days. 

This is morning in My town Trosa

The sun don’t get much higher than this over the horizon before lunchtime

In the middle of the day it look like this in Trosa archipelago 

The small future Christmas trees looked like this today

That white stuff aren’t supposed to be here until x-mas, but it sneaks its way here in small portions everyday now. Brrrrrr……

Do I need to say I don’t like coldness?

But on the other hand it was a rather nice day outdoors today. Not much wind and not too cold, so I think the day turned out well despite that little white stuff on roofs and trees.

Hope you all have a happy Friday 🙂



30 comments on “Darkness falls across the land

  1. You have a dusting of the white stuff. Boy that sun doesn’t get very high in the sky there. We are having a glorious day about 10’C and tomorrow it is suppose to go up to 15’C with sun. We have our fingers crossed, Anna.

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      • I like your courage in the face of winter. That is the proper way to deal with it. I spent a winter in North Dakota once. I’d never seen such a thing, massive amounts of snow and freezing temperatures. No one missed a beat.
        We can’t control the weather,but we can always adapt. 🙂

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    • Darkness makes me sleepy but when I’m not sleepy it’s nice to stay indoors and draw and paint. So november can be good too, even if it’s dark outside.

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