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Hey! Where did the reblog button go?

I think I have solved the issue about the missing reblog button. When you open a post in browser from wp app you have to make sure you have logged in on browser version of wp too. That’s doesn’t happen automatically just because you’re logged in on wp app. Reblog button only shows when your inlogged on wp. At least this is my theory right now. Happy blogging! Anna

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Have you noticed that the reblog button is missing on your posts.

I read several posts this evening that I wanted to reblog, but there was no reblog button. Then I checked my own blog and guess what? Reblog button was gone there too even if I have set the reblog ON in my settings.

I asked wp support

So I hope I get a good answer.

Until then, if you have anything to say about this, maybe you know where to find reblog button for an example, please let us know.


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14 thoughts on “Hey! Where did the reblog button go?”

  1. Mine never left. I can see others too. I am not sure where yours went. Did you check to make sure the reblog option is still allowed in your settings? Sometimes WP starts changing things all Willy Nilly due to system glitches via an update.

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    1. Is it on this post or others too? This post is a reblogged post, then the reblog button isn’t there. But I hope there is reblog button on my other posts!


  2. Hi Anna, thanks for bring these issues up. I think they make changes and it’s up to us to figure it out. I did check into my site and I think it’s okay. But one must keep checking these things all the time.

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