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Movie night at studio Lagnö – Sopor

Another movie night at Studio Lagnö right outside Trosa town.
This time we watched a Tage Danielsson film called Sopor. Sopor in Swedish are trash in English. But Sopor also stands for Sveriges Onödigförklarades Protest ORganisation, Swedens unnecessary persons protest organisation. That’s what’s the film is about. Everyone should matter, but they’re not. Thousands of children occupied the Swedish royal castle with a three year old Crownprincess Victoria in the leader group. The film is from 1981. They try to convince the politicians to make environmental wise decisions, but the politicians don’t get it. 

In the film there’s a lovely little good night tune. I found it on youtube, so here it is:

Sov du lille svensk

The lyrics:

Sov du lille svensk
Sov du lilla svenska
Avlångt som en säng ligger Sveriges land
Fötter i Skanör
Knäna bohuslänska
Vita kudden börjar vid Härnösand
Runt granitmadrassen, kvällstäcket sträcks
Måne klar, moln som drar
Läslampan släcks
Sov du lille Svensk
Sov du lilla Svenska
Avlångt som en säng ligger Sveriges land

Translated into English it goes like this:

Sleepy little Swede
Sleepy little Swedish
Oblong as a bed is Sweden’s land
Feet in Skanör
knees Bohuslän
White cushion begins at Harnosand
Around the granite mattress, blanket stretched evening
Moon clear, clouds that draw
The reading light is extinguished
Sleepy little Swede
Sleepy little Swedish
Oblong as a bed is Sweden’s land

I’m not sure, but I think the writer of the song is Gunnar Svensson.

The singer is The Norweigian actress Grynet Molvig.

Goodnight sleep tight all of you. It’s been a long day for me, I’m tired and I have to get up early tomorrow, probably to another day with that white stuff coming down again.

I miss Fall already!



11 thoughts on “Movie night at studio Lagnö – Sopor”

    1. It’s Sweden in miniature. She had a new hat for every scene in that film. Very funny. They were all very creatively done. “Pling”


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