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Trosa morning in November

This is my corner of the world when I look out of a window daytime

How does your corner of the world looks like?

Describe your place in pictures and or words. Leave a link in the comments and we’ll find your post on your blog. If I find it I might reblog it, if wp settings are with me 😉

Have a great day wherever you are!


39 thoughts on “Trosa morning in November”

  1. This is a nice place indeed 🙂

    Funnily enough I’ve had the same idea! Tomorrow morning my post with a picture from near the place where I work is going online in my blog.
    We’ve had a tiny bit of the white stuff these days but now it warmed up to about 4°C and it is raining

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  2. you have central Minnesota skies but we don’t have that white stuff yet. I’ll have to do a post later for you. stay warm. 🙂 “pling”

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        1. Jag är bortskämd med att få hålla till i Trosas äldsta delar där det fortfarande är lite idyllisk stil kvar.


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