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A wee in the Baltic Sea?

Did you know this? This post is from a neighbour of mine, Askö laboratory. They keep an eye on Baltic sea and sometimes write about interesting marine biology stuff on the Baltic sea weed blog. For comments, visit original post/Anna

Baltic Sea Weed Blog

For two weeks, the bachelor course “Environment of the Baltic Sea” from Stockholm University have been stationed at the Askö Laboratory for field studies. The course includes many relevant methods for new biologists. Among other things, the students have been fishing with survey gillnets, dug the mud of soft bottoms, and done meticulous inventories of vegetation and animal community in three shallow bays.

IMG_8099 Enthusiastic students snorkle out to make an inventory of the flora in a Baltic Sea shallow bay.

Part of the course also focuses on how humans affect the Baltic Sea ecosystem. For an easy way to show how urine in the sea affects the growth of phytoplankton, i.e. eutrophication, the students were instructed to set up 4 pieces of plastic tanks of 1 m3 (1000 liters) and fill with seawater. One tank was used as control and nothing else was added to it. In the other…

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