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Catch the moon challenge

This morning the moon was up and clear. Instead of morning sun we have morning moon in the winter.

I like saying Hi to the moon and talk to the moon. The moon always listen and give light, hehe 😉

Here’s some Swedish artists with moon songs. And yes in the third video it’s Mr ABBA Benny Anderson at the piano. And yes, Titiyo is a sister to Neneh Cherry (the hits Manchild and Buffalo stance in the 80′ something)

Stefan Andersson Catch the moon

Titiyo Talking to the man in the moon

Tommy Körberg Moonriver

If you have great moon songs to share, please leave a link in the comments or make your own Catch the moon post on your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.

If you don’t find moon songs, then maybe you have great moon paintings or photos. You can catch the moon in any way you want.

So, the challenge is: Can you catch the moon?

If you paste the complete link from youtube you just have to paste the link without use the link button. WP senses the youtube link and show the video screen in your post instead of just a link. This only work with a complete link. Make sure you see…in the link. The short link miss the “watch” word. Short link do not work if you want the video screen show up in your post.

You can read more about that here:

Have a great evening and I hope the moon is watching over you too 🙂

To me the moon is solace when things spinning around too fast and too weird. The moon is always there somehow.


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