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Girlish Thoughts on the Morning Moon

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The EDUcult


MY early morning walk in winter is extraordinary – neat pastel, slight frosty … and what do I see in the sky … The Moon … Has someone forgotten to switch off the dim glow in the early morning softness of a home?

Some days it glints way above my head, numerous days it glimmers faraway, other days I hunt for the moon and it innocently waits for me hiding itself at a corner … to detect whether I’m snooping for it.

It often changes it shapes to surprise me … I am amazed by its many forms, sometimes round,  sometimes a little bend on a side, sometimes its curve dip too much  and sometimes it exact its half.

“It’s morning! It’s morning!”  Flock of birds rebelliously chirp at the moon if in case it has flouted the rule and is spending its extra spell merely basking in the mute…

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