Second chance Andra Chansen Trosa kvarn

Konstens vecka blev i år konstens månad med en årliga jurybedömda utställningen i Trosa kvarn. Nu fortsätter utställningen med nya verk, nämligen de verk som inte kom med i juryutställningen. Passa på att avnjuta en lunch hos Lenas kök och ta en titt på utställningen som pågår hela november. Samma öppettider som restaurangen.

The month of November means exhibition time in Trosa mill, an old mill that today is a restaurant and a place for small concerts and exhibitons. After a month of jury selected art exhibition in the place it’s now time for the pieces that the jury didn’t choose.

Last month I had one little piece that the jury selected.

In the arms of octopus (painted on an old cd)

They didn’t want this two heron friends that I have spend all Summer with in my studio.

But to the exhibition we call The second chance they’re on the wall.

Heron latitude and Heron longitude 😉

Of course there are other beautiful beach paintings by other artists in the exhibition. 

If you’re in Trosa at lunchtime I can recommend a visit, both for the art and the food.



24 comments on “Second chance Andra Chansen Trosa kvarn

    • They were fun to hang out with during the painting time. They were tricky to paint and I had big struggle with the water. But it was fun to try painting herons.


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    • Herons are so cool. In early summer I watch them at my little beach at the Baltic sea. They are so fun to watch when they catch their meal.


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