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A wow-milestone for 2016

This blog has past last years views number already. That means 2016 will be a year with more views than last year. That’s fun.

You can also see how my previous years looks like when it comes to views. The first two years I was posting almost every day, but I didn’t visit other blogs at all at first. Then I slowly began to realize there were other blogs than my blog. I visited some of them, but very seldom pressed follow or like button. I was scared and didn’t get that by following and liking people could find my blog.

Even more seldom I left comments. I was too scared for that too. Then after a while when I realized the whole world was filled with blogs I visited blogs more often and got rid of my scareness for liking, following and commenting. I started to interact bit by bit. Finally I understood that was the thing with blogging. To interact and learn from each other.

Today I cannot think my life without this nice wp corner of the world I’m in with you my blog friends. I learn a lot from you all. You all give me inspiration and good ideas every day.

There’s no such thing as a perfect blog or a right way to blog. You should all do what suits you best. If you want stats to grow – interact!

If you’re in a restricted code area (EU countries for an example) you may have to change your language settings to English if you want the world to see your blog in the wp reader. If you set your language to Swedish, the reader will only show your blog in the Swedish area.

You can write in whichever language you want even if your settings says English.

So again, thank you all for making blogging so fun!


17 thoughts on “A wow-milestone for 2016”

        1. Happy sunday to you too. Have you heard anything from Melanie?
          Jason did a “which blogger do you miss”-post and I could only think of Melanie. I miss her and her blogging. I hope she’s okay.

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            1. I did and found out we’re talking about different Melanies 🙂
              But that’s ok. Jim says the other Melanie is ok.
              Nice post your Melanie have. I pressed like button when I visited.

              Liked by 1 person

  1. That’s brilliant Anna – I know what you mean about being scared to comment and like, I am still cautious about it. Well done – let’s hope 2017 is a bumper year for us all.

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