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I like flag stats :)

Just look at the flags from all kinds of corner of the world. How it can be corners of a spherical world is beyond my understanding, but anyway. 

I think it’s amazing that we can exchange knowledge, experience and also have so much nice talks in one place like wp and still come from so different places of the world.

Would we have world peace if we all acted like we do on the friendly corners of the blog world? Or would we fight about who has the biggest stats, most followers or coolest themes and try to snitch each other’s efforts?

Anyway, as long as I see different flags in my stats I believe that most parts of the world are in peace and have an open mind about people talking to each other despite which country they live in.

It would scare me if I only had one flag in my stats and knew I couldn’t possibly get another.

Happy blogging everyone!


29 thoughts on “I like flag stats :)”

  1. I also have been in awe that we are able to communicate with people all over the world and share the beauty and understandings of the world as we see it. It is very encouraging. Thank You!!

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  2. I think that is so awesome to see all around the world where our blogs are reaching! It’s truly amazing & heart touching. Even better when people leave comments on the blog!

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