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The girl in the cafe – why we should speak up

I have many favorite films and this is one of them.
The girl in the cafe. I think the name sholud be Every second, because that’s what the story is about really.

Behind the girl meets boy theme there’s another story.

The one about have the guts to speak up when everyone else is silent. To have the courage to trust your instinct and dare to keep speaking when the receiver clearly shows they don’t want to listen to your inconvenient information anymore. To bravely do it without shouting and calmly point out there is no time to wait for making changes.

In this particular film it’s about world political issues like poverty and the fact that Every second there’s a child who dies because of the world health situation. The girl character in the film point this out to the leading world politicians group and they don’t want to hear that they are the ones who can make the world better if they only have the guts.

She is brave and she doesn’t give up. She has more character than all of the rest. But….who wins?

Nah….check out the film yourself 😉

If you want inspiration for finding courage to speak up and act for a good cause, watch this movie.

There’s no better time then now to speak up, remember that. Don’t wait. Be as brave as the girl in the cafe!

I try to,speak up when I can. By drawings like this for an example 🙂

Money eats the planet, sad enough.


10 thoughts on “The girl in the cafe – why we should speak up”

    1. It truly is. Makes you smile and believe that the world could be a better place if we just used our brains and our hearts a litter more often.

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        1. The link shows up when one press like button on a comment. It’s a useless link leading nowhere. One of wp weird things.


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