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Movie Night – A Taste Of Honey

Movie night again at Studio Lagnö a hostel and a film place in an old barn that’s not a barn anymore.

This time we started with a great heartwarming Playing for change video

Music is my ammunition

Then we got to the main film A taste of honey from 1961

It’s about a narcissistic mother and her almost grown up daughter. The daughter is not that happy with her mother which is quite understandable. She tries to find her own way through life. Two boys make an impact on her but in very different ways.

The mother comes and goes as she pleases just as narcissists always do. The daughter still can’t separate from her totally and she sometimes behave just as bad as the mother when her only friend, her roommate, tries to help her.

It is hard to grow up with a narcissistic parent and not be at all like that yourself I guess.

This film is made in the between silent movies and sound movies. I think they did the sound afterwards, thats why you won’t hear footsteps or a pouring sound at tea time if you check out the film above.

Have a great movie nigth 🙂


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