November is music month in Trosa. Our City Band have a concert every year at this time. This year they celebrates Legends of rock.

Other years they have played film music, space music, superheroes and italian music. But this year it is Legends of rock. Yea!

This is their version of Psycho that they did together with another band.

Gripens musikkår och Trosa stads musikkår

I think it’s nice that we have a city band. This year they have youth band as guests. That’s great when music travels through generations. Maybe the young ones one day are the ones who playes in future city bands.

If your in Trosa area the day they play you are most welcome to Trosa Kvarn. In English that’s Trosa mill. It’s not a mill anymore and it’s not Moulin rouge either. It’s a restaurant, a concert place and an art exhibition place.

Actually my heron paintings will still hang on one wall there when they play. And other artists paintings. The exhibition goes on all November.

So November 26 you can hear great music and watch a little art at Trosa kvarn. That’s nice, or what?