Photographs, Trosa is the place, What ever

I found Santa!

Look what’s up in the old oak tree! Santa and his wife 🙂

Click to enlarge the picture if you don’t see them.

Have a great first advent weekend.



28 thoughts on “I found Santa!”

            1. One morning I went to bed long after my wife had gone up. “What time is it?” She mumbled. “Gone 2.00am.” Half asleep: “What you been doing until two?” I told her, and though she only heard part of what I said she was suddenly wide awake after hearing a woman’s name. “What? You’ve been up until two o’clock in the morning talking to a woman called Louise from Africa?!!!” “Well, when you say Africa, it’s actually the coast of Africa. And when you say a woman, Louise is a shark.” “A . . .?” “I’ve found this great site. You can track Great White sharks around the world. There is a gadget put on the shark’s dorsal fin, and whenever the fin breaks the surface it sends a signal to a satellite. Louise normally hugs the coast of Africa, but now she’s headed out into deep water. Where could she be going?” There was a long pause, then she said “There’s no hope for me and you.”

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  1. Hi Anna. It’s a glorious sunny day with 8′ C. It is hard to believe that Advent is here already. Santa doesn’t have much room up there and time is running out for him.

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    1. I know, maybe I should talk to him about that 😉
      Our 8C disappeared and instead we have about -2C and some thin white cover on the ground. And the wind…the roof almost lift when the strongest winds are coming sweeping. Brrrr…. It’s nice to stay indoors.

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