It’s been a while sins we had the Sunday wp pub. The pub where everyone is welcome. Drinks for everybody and it’s open around the clock. You never get too drunk or too bored. You can meet each other in the comments and pic your own music by pasting a youtube link right into the comments. Then the video will show up there.

So this time I wonder – what’s your favourite Christmas music?  What song brings out the Christmas spirit in you?

I have many favorites and they will show up in the comments one by one as long as this pub night is on. 

As usual I post this tolste for myself. Here it’s bedtime for an early morning tomorrow. New workweek start that will includes both day and evening. But please don’t let that stop you from keeping the pub open.

Serve yourself something to drink and if you want something to eat. You can have anything you  want. The menu is endless🙂

If you don’t want to talk about Christmas music, then pick another subject and keep talking and be nice to everyone.

Have a great pub evening. I’ll be back!