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Petitioning Parliament: What does Britain truly care about?

Now I get why our local politicians say no to a suggestion to provide the citizens a possibility to send e-petitions. They say the system cost to much money, but on the same meeting they will decide of a much more costing big new road that we don’t need. But Ellens post makes it all clear. Our politicians don’t want to have fun at work! Read her post and you will understand what I mean. For comments, visit original post. Anna

Notes from the U.K.

The British government runs a web site where people can start petitions, and if one gathers more than 100,000 signatures Parliament has to debate the issue. That sounds meaningful until you realize that the promise is to debate, not to do anything. And then you remember that most of the time those green benches in the House of Commons are as empty as our local beach during a January storm.

I have a hunch most of those debates are stunningly short.

But as a way of making people feel engaged, the site is inspired and people use it. So let’s check in and see what’s on the British public’s mind.

Some of the topics are predictable and some are even sensible. Whatever your beliefs, you’ll find something there to cheer you up, something to depress the hell out of you, and a fair bit to confirm whatever stereotypes you hold. (Yes…

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