Flood the streets with art Part IV 

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Jean a drawing a day

For last few weeks I’ve been building up to taking part in Scott Wong’s now annual event “flood the streets with art”. This event is on the day after Thinksgiving takes place in America. He invented it as an alternative to Black Friday. FtSwA is all about artists making art and leaving it somewhere as a random act of kindness for someone else to pick up and enjoy.

In the last few weeks the artists taking part have been posting about what they would be leaving – so many different ideas and techniques. Here in Northampton four of us took part: Minnie Teckman, Kath Pound, Jo Almond and me. Altogether we had about 20 pieces of art to drop.

We were careful to wrap them all up as the weather has been so wet this week. Each one also has a label so the finder can post that it’s been…

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