I wrote a letter to our politicians about the new big road they want to build for hunderty billions of money that we don’t have and we don’t need the road either. You can read the letter here:


I (or maybe most Google translate) translated it to English, so you don’t have to know Swedish to read it.

We have a openness principle protected by law in Sweden. That means that everything that’s been sent to the municipality should be in the diary.

Do you think my letter is in the diary? It’s a letter full of criticism but not an angry letter or a letter full of threats. It’s simply a letter to the politicians saying that they should rethink their plans because of plain facts showing the madness in proceeding the project.

So I ask again, do you think it’s in the diary? It should be, there’s no reason to hide the document according to the law. So, do you think it’s in the diary?

You already know the answer. But I tell you anyway.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It’s not there. I asked and the list of incoming letter were NONE!

I been through this before. It happens all the time sad enough. The diary is supposed to get the citizens possibility to keep an eye (or two) on what the politicians are doing. When the diary is not complete we loose that possibility and our constitution says we have the right to keep an eye on the politicians. Still our politicians thinks they can do whatever they want with that diary.

Sweden often brag about our openness and our democracy, but the harsh reality is telling something else. Something has happened in my country. We don’t seems to think democracy and openness is something worth preserving. We take it for granted and live in some naive faith that it will always stay just the way things were back in the old days when bureaucrats did their job well and correct. It isn’t like that anymore.

In my town the politicians run errands for a bog land owner that wants to builds hundreds and hundreds of houses. Not one of them involved in the road and house building project are the least interested of saving our grand nature. They just chasing money and the politicians won’t get a dime out of this. But they so strongly believe they can play with the big guy who enchanted them. Fools.

This evening they will decide to proceed the project. The eat the bait like mouse in this drawing.

So sad, but I and some other nature friends will not give up the fight for saving Trosa nature.

Sorry for the rant.