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Frid på jord Peace on earth

One of our great Swedish folk singers Sofia Karlsson has written a beautiful song often heard at Christmas time in Sweden. Peace on earth. I like it. You can read a translation of the lyrics below.

Text.- Olivia Blyberg, Sofia Karlsson. Musik: Sofia Karlsson.

I stjärnfull natt de ljöd så klart
frid på jord, frid på jord
Det klingade väl underbart
frid på jord, frid på jord
Försonaren kom med hopp och frid
Men i min själ var natt och strid
Ej fann jag under min levnadstid
frid på jord, frid på jord
Må den trötte finnna en hamn
ro hos Gud, ro hos Gud
Så ljuvlig som en moders famn
lov ske Gud, lov ske Gud
Du julens klara ljus och frid
Mig lys igenom mörkrets tid
Och för mig hem till min himmels ro
frid på jord, fris på jord

The star full night they sounded so clear
peace on earth, peace on earth
It sounded wonderfully well
peace on earth, peace on earth
Redeemer brought hope and peace
But my soul was night and battle
Not I found during my lifetime
peace on earth, peace on earth
Let the weary finnna a port
peace with God, peace with God
As sweet as a mother’s arms
praise be to God, praise be to God
You Christmas bright light and peace
Me shine through the darkness of time
And for me to my heaven of tranquility
peace on earth, frieze on Earth

Picture show a Sunday walk at Trosa river in the afternoon. Cressets along the way creates a Christmas feeling.

Peace on earth I wish you all today 🙂


12 thoughts on “Frid på jord Peace on earth”

  1. When I first saw this I saved it until I got a chance to listen. I wish now, I’d made time prior to Christmas. Still, I will share it. It is beautiful.

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