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The magic of likes

What do you think happens when you press the like button on a blog post? I answer the question for you.

1. The writer of the post will see your like in the notifications.

2. The like notifications provides a possibility to click further to your blog for the blog writer. You have a chance to collect a return like.

3. Your blog existence will be visible not only in the writers notifications but also on the writers blog in different ways depending on the blog theme and settings.

4. If the blog writer or other readers like a post in return, they make your blog visible in the same way as no 3. above.

5. For those blogger who turned on the sound on messages from wp will get a “pling” or another sound they’ve chosen when you press like on a post. That sound always make me smile. Your like can give the writer a “pling”. Think of that 🙂

The downside of liking posts are when many readers like a post. The like notification from you tends to drown in all the like notifications. The blog writer may not find you that easy among many like notifications. What to do then?

I say, press like on comments that you like. What happens? I give you the answer to this question too 😉

1. Your like turn up in the commenters notifications.

2. The commenter can find your blog by clicking the like notification.

3. You have a better chance making your blog visible to other bloggers in the same way when liking a post.

4. You have a bigger chance to collect likes on your blog.

5. Your like will give the commenter a “pling” if that settings is on.

The upside of liking a comment is that the like notification are unique and will appear as a single notification. It will not drown in millions of likes, like likes on a post, unless the comment you liked is liked by many of course.

However, a comment like can also drown in notifications if you liked a comment on a high active blog where notifications are too many for the blogger to keep track on.

On small blogs the likes can do magic to stats. If you are one of few likers, your blog has a big chance to be more visible than if you’re a silent reader and visitor who never get visible by liking or commenting.

To get likes and comments cheers most blogger up. You make your blog fellows smile when they get likes and I’m pretty sure you like to get likes to 😉

Noooooo, I didn’t say you should like posts or comments you don’t like. Just don’t be afraid to press the like button on post and comments. They do magic to your blog when doing it right and you give other bloggers lots of smiles. What can be better?

So, a what can look like a simple meaningless like is really a magic touch on a blog. You do magic without knowing it 😉

Interacting with other bloggers is the best and most fun way to grow your blog and you also get the chance to talk to lots of nice people around the world.

So, I just say this to you all:

I like you

And the blog tip for the day, an old 80’s hit:

Things can only get better Howard Jones


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