What ever

The perfect gift

If you don’t like to give Christmas presents that cost millions of your money,

If you don’t like the idea of Christmas presents,

If you can’t afford Christmas presents,

If you’re out of ideas for finding a good Christmas present,

If you’ve already have given everything there is to give as presents,

If you want to do Mother Nature a favour,

If you want to send some human sunshine to some,

Do like this:

You can never be wrong with such present if it is honestly given.


Found the picture somewhere on the internet, don’t know where 🙂

24 thoughts on “The perfect gift”

  1. Anna, I saw a great comic strip where a younger sister had saved $7.41 and announced she was going to buy presents. Her older brother said you cannot buy presents for that, if you did the presents would be cheap. The little sister said profoundly, “it is not cheap if that is all the money I have.” That speaks volumes.

    It reminds me of a DJ who answered a question about the largest tip she ever received when she was a pizza delivery person. She said $2.00. When her DJ partner asked why, she said I could hear the kids screaming with excitement when I got there in this impoverished area. The mother explained they saved up for pizza once a month as a treat for the kids. When the DJ started to leave, she said let me give you a tip and insisted she take it as she works hard – it was $2.00.

    We give what we have. I have read that on average low income people give a higher percentage of their income to charity than those more well off. Whether that is true or not, it makes me feel good to think so.

    Happy holidays, Keith

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    1. How interesting. Maybe those with less money knows how to appreciate every cent and those with endless money have lost the sense of how small money really counts too when right used.

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  2. Yes! Every Christmas I give hugs and I give love in the shape of homebaked biscuits. Because there’s nothig better than hugs and biscuits. Have a hug, Anna, with a big ribbon around it. 🙂

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