What ever

Is it me or do you see it too?

I bought this:

How did I find it if the tape is invisible?

Or is it so that I actually can see invisible things?

I’m confused!


32 thoughts on “Is it me or do you see it too?”

  1. I suspect that (at least in the minds of the manufacturers and especially the marketers of this product) they reckon that when you use that tape to seal something it becomes invisible.

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    1. I think so too. I remember it was called frosty tape or something like that before, but now it’s obvious a new name.


  2. it was a marketing scheme designed to separate you from your Crowns. I’ll give you the correct answer for another 5000 Crowns. 🙂 “pling”

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  3. I too have cery profound questions lingering in my mind..Questions such as, does the little light in the fridge really shuts down when you close the door?? When you have a puppy and you train him to do his little poop on the newspaper you have set out in a corner on the floor, what does it think when the said puppy sees you reading todays news in the newspaper??? Very troubling isn’t it??

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