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Christmas Eve Trosa 2016

This morning I woke up to this

We’re having a green Christmas with +5 C this year for sure. 

Trosa harbor west side in morning sun. Sun doesn’t go very much higher than this right now.

Back where we started some hours later. Sun spreading light along Trosa river.

Have a great Christmas eve all of you weather you celebrate it or not 🙂

God jul! (Merry Christmas in Swedish)


22 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Trosa 2016”

  1. Even if “your” sun does not rise as high as it does here, the hot and smiling planet does not show up down here at all! But in Berlin/Potsdam as well we have mild weather for christmas, up to 11 degrees, well… I prefer the snow version. Have a happy holy evening Anna! Yours, Nine

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    1. Thanks. Have a happy Christmas you too. I actually once was in Berlin Potsdam in the 80’s in May if I remember correctly.


    1. Thanks. We started first advent and then added something every advent after that and now it was time for Christmas so we added some presents, a Christmas tree and a slade.


    1. May peace be with you too. The sun was up a long time today. Well long time for this time of year. It was lovely to see some light 🙂


    1. We have no snow and it was a long time since we saw some white stuff coming down. But we use to get some winter in January and February, so it isn’t over yet. We can still get real winter. Happy Christmas 🙂

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    1. Merry Christmas. I will send that white stuff over to you if I find some. We have a sunny 4 C today, so I did think it will be snowing today.

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