Nature miracles, Photographs

Weird winter here

Frosty rock from a previous winter walk 

Now it looks like this

All green like it was Spring coming in soon

The only frosty thing I found now was this

Rhodenendron seems to be quite ready for Spring too

And the lingonberry still grows! That’s something that we use to pick in early Fall.

A small digitalis plant, also ready for Spring

But not these two. They have left their houses and maybe gone to forever sleep or just winter sleep. I found the shells like this. The little one in the big one. Weird.

And finally a Shadow Me 😉

I hope you all have a Good holiday!


21 thoughts on “Weird winter here”

    1. Härligt. Men jag är rädd att det kommer kyla i jan-feb innan den riktiga våren kommer. Fast jag saknar inte vintern det minsta!


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