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Good signs

You won’t believe it, but today a white dove showed up on top of a chimney. Just look at this

I have seen the white dove before and I managed to capture it on camera once before. But it was quite a long time ago I saw it the last time. I thought the dove was gone. All of the other city doves are grey with some green and blue here and there. This one is white with some small grey areas.

To see a white dove the second last day of the year must mean peace will come in 2017 and bring us more joy and kindness in the world. Don’t you think?

The second good sign must be that our Magnolia tree maybe will bloom for the first time since we planted it. Look at this

The tree is suppose to give us white blooms and I have waited for years to see how the tree will look in the Spring with flowers. The leaves are beautiful so the flowers would be beautiful too I hope.

So a Happy new year to you all!

I’m from Sweden so the obvious choice of happy new year song will of course be

Or this one, a Swedish monster hit from the 80’s

Yes, I’m born 1970 so every track from the 80’s no matter which, is probably still a nostalgic favorite of mine 😉



10 thoughts on “Good signs”

  1. Each New Year’s Day I do a post with the same three new year-themed songs on it. As a long time Agnetha fan, that’s a favourite of mine.

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      1. That post has been reblogged to death! So I’ve just remade it with the same three songs, though I changed the U2 one for a live performance. Happy New Year to you.

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            1. I remember that. We only heard of it here in Sweden back in those days. We had two tv channels and only one radio channel with pop/rock music! The tv almost never broadcasted pop/rock things.

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            2. Once we start to loose memory we won’t remember those days. Maybe we will feel younger then, when we don’t know how old we are anymore 😉


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