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What are you doing with your money?

I realize I’m getting boring and maybe old, but I simply can’t enjoy this thing about New Year’s Eve fireworks anymore. Yes it’s beautiful to see the colors in the air when it’s pitch dark in the sky. But I no longer like the sound. That sound makes me think of all people that daily live with a similar sound but with a lot worse consequences that none of us ever want to experience or wish anyone else to experience either.

I also think about how nature get hurt by the sound and the pollution. The animals get really scared, both pets and wild animals. Just because we humans wants to have fun with noices and lights. And why do we think it’s okay to blow up so much money? 

I am boring I know, but I can’t find any reasonable reason to forget about all the downsides of this idea of celebration new year and say this is fun and no one gets hurt.

But anyway, happy new year to you all. And no, I don’t think you should do or think like I do. If you have other ideas about this you should stick to those ideas and live by them.


29 thoughts on “What are you doing with your money?”

  1. Fireworks are a pain over here. They start around November 5th, which is our Bonfire Night, but then go on right through until the new year. People regularly post about their pets being terrified. I think the way to go is to make all firework demonstrations council run, and not for sale to the public. But maybe I’m getting old too 🙂

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    1. I agree. They start early here too with those noicy things and go on long after new year too. What for? Why is it fun? I’m getting old clearly 😉


  2. We haven’t done fireworks in years. The last time was when I still lived with my parents.
    When we still had our cat it was a terrible night for the poor animal. The only peaceful new year’s eve she had was her last one when we could say for sure that now she really was completely deaf.

    Most people don’t even know what the fireworks are all about. People used to make loud noises to scare away evil spirits.

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      1. Somewhere (don’t exactly remember where) I read the suggestion to light a candle instead. I think I’ll go with this.

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            1. Yes it is. I did a candle drawing today. It’s coming up soon in a new post. Maybe today, but probably more likely tomorrow. Time goes so fast. I’m not done with this day yet, so much left to do!

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            2. Me too! I’m just taking a break now then back to household chores. Then I’ll whip up some cake for tonight and that’s it 🙂

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  3. Well I’m with you partly. Fireworks are something special for children and we cannot take that away from them. It makes them happy and in awe. As long as there are children, the tradition of having fireworks will not die. I wish though that fireworks should not be sold to the public but only to authorized authorities that can handle them well and entertain a lot of people.

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    1. I’m with you partly too. Don’t get the children must have argument, but on the other hand I think you have the right to that way of see it. I too think that fireworks should handled by authorized people, but on the other hand, I don’t like limitations. This is not an easy question 🙂


  4. Personally I hate fireworks, noisy, aggressive and bad for the environment I can smell. However, if my neighbour wishes to chase the bad spirits away with as much noise as he can make, I am with him. Have a quiet year end, Anna.

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  5. I will not be watching any fireworks today – for reasons others among your English followers have already mentioned anyone in our part of the world who is not absolutely mad keen on the things to begin with is thoroughly sick of them by now.

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