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White throated dipper – Strömstare

Today I saw something amazing. Two dippers in the outer archipelago. They are so fascinating to watch. They look like a ordinary land bird, with tiny legs. But that bird is like a mini mini penguin in water. The bird dive and swim. When they are up on land they do funny thing with their knees.
They hang out in streams, rivers and creeks mostly, but sometimes they visit archipelago and they certainly did that today. I’m so lucky that I got the chance to see them.

There are lots of YouTube films showing this bird, here’s one of them:

Nature magic always gives me hope of a better world. We can’t be serious when we think we are allowed to destroy such beauty and perfection.


13 thoughts on “White throated dipper – Strömstare”

  1. Anna, we love to watch the birds at our feeders and keep a small reference book handy. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes in the New Year, which is coming closer for you. Keith

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    1. Watching birds are so interesting. I live so close to nature that I can watch them almost every day. It’s like getting small presents every day when the birds show up. It’s a miracle every time. Have a happy new year!

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    1. Maybe, but you’re right. We think we will destroy nature, but we will manage to destroy ourself before that, so nature will win eventually.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your nature observations, it is so interesting to see. I have to look for the white throated dipper now that I know it is in the area. Best wishes for the New Year.

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    1. Tack. Jag hade bara mobilkamera som inte zoomar och jag kunde inte gå närmare. De var jättehäftiga att se. De dök och simmade och hoppade upp på land igen. Sedan niger de ju så speciellt med benen när de står på land. Artiga fåglar 😉 gott nytt år!

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    1. They are really fast, the birds. This one stayed a few seconds longer at the same place so I took the chance to catch it on camera.


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