A new year means new possibilities

Be that possibility

Take the chance of making difference

Be that difference

A new year means a new era

Be that era

Create the era of wisdom

Be that wisdom

A new year means a new chance for human survival

Be that chance

Help nature, our human saviour number one

Be that nature

A new year means new ways to think

Be that new way

Try to put nature first in every decision

Be that thought changing revolution

A new year means new courage

Be that courage

Skip pleasing the narcissists

Please nature and people who really cares about something else than themselves only

A new year means new braveness

Be that braveness

Never mind the people that’s trying to make you feel awkward and wrong when you point wrongness out

Be awkward and uncomfortable if it means you will defend nature and the good of humans

A new year means carrying on like before

Be that carrying on

If you’re already have the courage to stand up for nature and human goodness

A new year means light is coming back

Be that light

Anna Bohlin 2017

Trosa Sweden January 1, 2017 🙂