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No 15 drawing in my goals for 2017

I continue my drawing goals for 2016 with drawing No 15. We just entered 2017 and I will go on with this serie of drawings inspired by a Swedish poetic space epos. I will tell you more when I get further in my project.

This drawing is about a space sailor remembering a love of his life. They only met a couple of times but she stayed forever in his heart. She was tiny and marked by sickness, that she recovered from three times by radiation treatment. 

He met her when he worked on a spaceship that saved people from destroyed areas. During the same time the hunderty billion war was over, but a new leader was chosen and the ones who didn’t vote for him got not so nice treatment. Some got sent away to work under the worst circumstances as a punishment.

The lady, the love of his life was a helper for those who needed help. She collected money and nursed them. That’s how they met. 

When he tells his story we can not be sure if it’s real or just his fantasy. I therefore let his loved little darling sort of grow out of his hand. Is she a fantasy or is she just his hand?

I did the spaceship as a tattoo. After all he is a sailor. Tattoos are memories so I think it was a good solution in the drawing.

I enter a whole different world when I do these drawings. It’s a magic but sad human destiny the space poem epos tells. I can make up my drawings however I like. There’s no right  and no wrong. I really like that.

To be continued 🙂


16 thoughts on “No 15 drawing in my goals for 2017”

    1. Thanks. I wanted love to win over the dark sides of the story. So the bad stuff is in the small circles and the big love is all over the paper 😉

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    1. Thanks. Something happens when you let go of right and wrong thinking when it comes to art making. I feel free when I decide I can draw whatever I like.

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