Photographs, Trosa is the place

Church day in Trosa Sweden

This is the bell tower at Trosa Church. Really old one and a landmark in Trosa since 1600-1700 centrury something. Beautiful if you ask me 😉

No, I don’t go inside church that often nowadays, but I walk in this area often and light candles in the graveyard. It’s a peaceful area of my town.

My real church is nature. There I can find true peace and find new energy after long workweeks and other exhausting stuff.

What’s your church?


16 thoughts on “Church day in Trosa Sweden”

      1. Just to mention one country, when we were in China every city and town had a bell tower. I guess it was important to let people know if there was a fire or some impending danger.

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        1. Yes, the bell tower was the phone back then. That’s interesting. They solved the communication in a way we wouldn’t accept today. The one way communication. When the church or city wanted the citizens attention, they rang the bells. But what did the citizens when they needed the church or city attention? I don’t think they could ring the bell.

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    1. Ja fundera ut något bra. Det vore kul att få ett nytt ord på det stället.Vi kan ju inte kalla den Lennarts hörna, det måste vara nåt bättre. Eller är det kanske Lennarts snickarboa där vi kan sitta och grunna på våre hyss, som Emil sa? Näe kom på nåt bra 😉


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