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Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


I’ve been thinking a lot about the weather lately and what I say about it and I’ve decided that I need to switch gears.  I mean, part of the problem is talking about the weather is “BORING” and then you have the free world on the Celsius scale and then there’s us being obstinate by sticking with the Fahrenheit scale.  So I need to come up a different scale that anyone anywhere could understand without the aid of some on-line conversion chart or smart phone app.  Maybe something along the lines of …

  • 100F+ (38C+)  = “Back in the Box” weather
  • 80F – 100F (27C – 38C) = “Ahhhhhhh!  God loves me and sent me livable weather and some good wine” weather
  • 60F – 80F (16C – 27C) = “Golfing” weather
  • 40F – 60F (4C – 16C) = “Up yours Mother Nature. I…

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