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One of those days…

…you want to grow back down again

Holding hands Hålla handen (sold/såld)

Do you have such days?

The days that you wish you could be like 10 years old again. When tons of grown ups took care of all worries and problems for you. You didn’t even know you had them. They just protected you from everything that was not for kids to take care of.

You could just play all day and well, go to school some days too of course. But when you were that young, not even school was hard. Not for me at least.

I did enjoy those young years before the world got bigger than my little childish world were almost everything was fun and safe.

As a grown up you never have vacation from the hard parts of life. Yes I know, hard times can give you strength and wisdom. But does life have to go on and on with worries and problems constantly showing up as soon as you feel the slightest bit of aaahhh, no I can relax for a minute or two.

We all have our things that bothers us, but I still wish I could feel totally like a ten year old kid again just for a second. I need that kind if rest. I need vacation from my head sometimes. My head constantly spinning thoughts and eventually I get dizzy when too many things are contradicting.

But, this is just one of those days and they don’t come everyday, so this will pass.

Have a great day!


31 thoughts on “One of those days…”

            1. Exactly and most days everything is easy. It’s just some days are down days, but they pass rather quickly. All it takes is some nice and supporting comments here on wp and the world look quite ok again 🙂

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            2. Hugs back!
              Today is a new improved day, so the sun will come out today. Thanks for support. A couple of hours on wp did the trick. So much friendly people that made the day very much better 🙂

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      1. I keep telling my boys to enjoy being kids. Adulthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Funny how kids want to hurry and grow up, yet grown ups wish they wee kids again. 😃

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        1. You are right trying to tell them to stay kids. I wanted to grow up too when I was a kid, but no one told me the downsides of being grown up. If I had known that…nah I wouldn’t have listened. I’m okay again, it’s a good day today I think. It feels so anyway 🙂

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  1. Poor Anna! Sounds like you had a hard day *hug*

    I read that you can create that childhood place in your mind and go there by just closing your eyes. I guess it does need some training though.

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    1. Thanks. Good idea. Maybe I can go back to that place in my dreams. Then I can have a good night sleep and have a fun time being a kid again!

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    1. I have no idea! I played outside with my friends and that was often soccer or any other sport. We didn’t have to be cute or nice. We were just kids playing and having fun in that childish way before the time when looks became an issue. “Pling”


    1. I know and that’s not how it should be. Every child have the right to feel safe and no one has the right to hurt a kid.
      I was lucky, I had a safe and wonderful childhood.

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    1. Oh, I’m sorry, but that means I’m not alone. I try to send you some good days so you can take vacations from the bad ones for a while 🙂


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