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Clean the air

You know how it can be. In a relationship, friendship, parentship, work relations or anything else that has to do with interacting with others.

First it’s all good, fun and stable. Then after sometime there isn’t what it used to be. You try to figure out what’s different. If it’s you or the other, or both. How come you didn’t notice the change if there really is a difference between now and then.

You think you do the same as always but suddenly the other part doesn’t respond like before. You try and try again, but still you don’t get the same response as you use to.

You try to bring it up, lay it out on the table. Saying out loud, what’s wrong? Still no answer that explain the situation. Still no answer at all. Like you talking to a silent wall.

You even talk to your freinds and they say maybe you should try doing something about it or get help from outside. Maybe you should try start over.

You think about what they’ve been saying and decide to try look inside the problem. At least what you think is a problem. You get under the skin and try to find out what’s wrong.

You finally see what it is and all of a sudden you get a bit angry. It’s an easy problem to solve, but a time consuming one because the silent part hasn’t sayed anything!

Yes, it’s the usual breakup reason
-I need more space.
– Well if you had sayed something a little earlier this wouldn’t have been such big issue.

Luckily I could make more space for the silent part, but it took me a whole dxxx day to clean up the mess.

Now we’re seem to be back in fairly normal state. We’re talking again, but I can honestly say I fall out of love a long time ago. But I stay until I have time finding something new that actually will talk to me when the space become to little.

So a whole Sunday for some spacemaking to get my old ipad work again. Gaaaaahhhhh, I feel like I have lost a whole day, but at least ipad is no longer crash every second.

I hope this means I can be a little more active on wp than lately.



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