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Counting birds weekend

This weekend it’s bird counting weekend. If you have bird feeder at your house you watch and count the birds. Read more at this site.

English translation of the site text:

Winter Birds doorstep (VIK) is one of our most popular activities, perhaps because it is easy and fun to participate. The last weekend of January count birds at bird food solutions across the country. In recent years, around 20,000 reports come in – but we want more and more reports!

You can choose to count your guests at any time during the period January 27 to 30, and you report the highest number you see at the same time of the same species. Thanks to all the reports we get a good view of the birds that spend the winter with us. The great tit is the most numerous bird winter due blue tit and tree sparrow, but after this trio vary leaderboard from year to year. Through this bill, we can also follow the winter birds adapt to climate change. During the ten years census going on, for example, we have been able to see how the species blackbird and nuthatch quite significantly expanded its winter range to the north of the country.

So although the Winter birds on their doorstep has as main objective to stimulate interest in birds, the bill provides us valuable information about changes in our environment.

For reporting and statistics pages!

So my next assignment will be counting birds. Happy weekend 🙂

Here’s some drawings of birds.


14 thoughts on “Counting birds weekend”

  1. I like those gulls making a din above the house (bet someone’s trying to sleep in there!).
    We have a similar thing in the UK-a garden bird count.

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