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Memory of a good day

I had a very good Sunday yesterday. After a six day long workweek with chaos and stress around me it was good having a Sunday that I felt was a mini vacation.

First of all it was free from idiots. That helps making a day good a lot! Second, I was in my favorite place on earth. Where my heart and soul feels like home. Near sea and nature. Third, I met nice people that day. Fourth, I saw fascinating birds all day long and five, I didn’t forced myself doing anything boring before I allowed myself to relax.

So I had a good relaxing day. I’m grateful for that. I hope you get enough relaxing days. It’s important to find some calm times among the stress days.

This is a view from Swedish archipelago. This is what the Save Trosa nature is fighting for to keep away from hungry politicians who wants to destroy nature for a big new road that we don’t need.


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